What event data
will you simplify with Sneller?

Sneller is a drop-in replacement for Elastic, OpenSearch, and SQL data lakes for semi-structured event data. Whether you’re looking to simplify managing custom observability and security apps or build a new app on the best foundation, getting started with Sneller is a breeze.
Sneller is also available as an open source project on GitHub.

Custom Observability
& Security Apps

As helpful as standard observability and security tools are, you’ve probably augmented their capabilities by developing your own custom dashboards and reports based on event data. If you’re like most, you’re getting a ton of value from these custom apps, some are even mission critical, yet the operational, engineering, and infrastructure overhead of ingesting, storing, and analyzing this data has become unbearable.

AD-HOC SQL Analysis

Whether you’re searching for a needle in the haystack or investigating a new trend in your data, there are times when you need to roll up your sleeves and dig deeper than charts and dashboards allow. Sneller’s support for standard SQL means you can run ad-hoc SQL analysis on the same data Sneller uses for your charts and dashboards. And whether you want to query data from a minute ago or a year ago, Sneller’s query engine delivers results fast.

Replace Elastic, OpenSearch, and SQL data lakes with Sneller
for your custom observability and security apps

Sneller drastically simplifies every aspect of the semi-structured event data pipeline. With Sneller, you’ll ingest data faster, store data cheaper, and execute queries and analytics at blazing speeds. You’ll reduce the time and cost of managing your event data infrastructure while making it faster and easier to analyze and query your valuable data. Switching to Sneller is easy.

Simply copy your semi-structured event data (JSON documents) into your S3 bucket. You don’t have to change existing dashboards and apps since Sneller supports Elastic Query DSL, Kibana, Grafana, and standard SQL. Configure your application or dashboard to query Sneller and you’re ready to go!

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Ready to speedup and simplify your event data analytics?

Sneller is also available as an open source project on GitHub.