Event data analytics


What is Sneller?

Sneller is a high-efficiency, high-speed query engine for semi-structured (JSON) event data.

Speed and efficiency result from our Serverless query engine's unique adaptation of AVX-512 vectorization for SQL workloads powered by our highly-optimized cloud-native architecture.

Customers choose Sneller to power custom Observability, Security, and Operational Analytics applications at a fraction of the cost and complexity of Elastic, OpenSearch, and SQL data lakes.

Sneller supports Elastic Query DSL, Kibana, standard SQL, Grafana, and any dashboard or tool that supports SQL. High-availability is built in at no extra cost with storage and compute redundancy across 3 availability zones.

Ready to speedup and simplify your event data analytics?

Sneller is also available as an open source project on GitHub.

Sneller Product Details

Serverless Query Engine

Sneller’s Serverless query engine eliminates the complexities of operating dedicated clusters, such as sizing, management, scaling, and data protection.

Sneller dynamically provisions and deprovisions resources based on query volume. Scaling is completely transparent and incurs no latency penalty thanks to Sneller’s efficient queries, data transfers, compression and caching techniques.

‍High availability and redundancy is built-in at no extra cost. Sneller’s architecture operates across 3 availability zones.

Sneller doesn’t retain customer data. Our Serverless query engine does not utilize any local storage and all data stays within the customer’s S3 buckets and is directly accessible to other tools besides Sneller.

Object Storage

Sneller queries data stored in your cloud object storage, drastically simplifying ingest and lowering storage costs. You don't have to size clusters based on data size or restrict the amount of data available for querying. Want to query security logs from a year ago? With Sneller, it becomes fast, cheap, and easy.

Unlimited, no cost ingest into your own S3 account. Scales cheaply to petabytes.

Since Sneller does not store customer data, we do not charge for data storage or ingest.

We leverage S3’s triple replicated data protection and 11 9s of durability.

Data can be moved based on policy to even lower cost glacier storage.

Data is stored in an open, compressed JSON format accessible to any tool.

S3 provides multi-gigabytes per second throughput for ingest and query execution

Hyper-Parallelized Queries

Query petabytes of semi-structured event data at interactive speeds with Sneller’s hyper-parallelized query engine. At runtime, Sneller efficiently converts SQL statements into native AVX-512 assembly to leverage the 16X increase in execution cores, delivering breakneck response times at a fraction of the cost.

Sneller’s direct SQL to AVX-512 compiler enables 16X the number of execution cores compared to standard query processing.

Powerful AVX-512 instructions such as per lane predication, gather load and scatter store enable efficient execution of SQL statements.

Sneller's AVX-512 routines are very efficient at parsing and filtering JSON data at high throughput rates.

Sneller operates scalable, distributed in-mem compute engines. Data is appropriately distributed within the clusters and cached based on query frequency.

Semi-Structured Event Data

Sneller is Schema-on-Read, providing flexibility and versatility in data collection.

Built-in support for PartiQL, a standard SQL superset, simplifies queries and makes extracting JSON fields trivial.

Sneller easily handles schema drift where a field might change types.

No mapping explosions. Sneller can handle very large numbers of JSON fields.

Query Languages & Dashboards

Elastic Query DSL

Sneller supports Standard SQL but if you want to continue using Elastic Query DSL, we support that too. Just one reason switching to Sneller is so simple.

Standard SQL

Sneller supports Standard SQL, so developing apps, customizing dashboards, and going command line is as easy as, well SQL.


Easily switch to Sneller for your existing Kibana dashboards without changing a line of code. Our Kibana adapter efficiently and transparently translates Kibana and Elastic DSL queries into SQL.

Grafana, Looker, & any SQL-based Dashboards

With native support for Standard SQL, your dashboard and tooling options just opened up. Give Grafana a try or whatever SQL-based tools you like.

Ready to speedup and simplify your event data analytics?

Sneller is also available as an open source project on GitHub.