Transparent Elastic Integration

Sneller makes moving from Elasticsearch easy. For ingest simply fork your data to your own S3 buckets. For queries the Sneller Kibana proxy transparently enables your Kibana dashboards and Elastic DSL Queries. You can even have your existing Elastic cluster run side by side with Sneller to compare results, latency and operating costs and overhead.

Blog: Sneller & Elastic Benchmark Results

Check out the results of our head-to-head benchmark with Elastic for semi-structured event data analytics workloads. (Spoiler alert: we won)

Retain your Elastic ingest pipeline, including Logstash. Simply fork a copy of your data to S3 for cheap and long term storage and Sneller will access the data from there.

Use Sneller's Kibana proxy to transparently translate Kibana and Elastic DSL queries into SQL for the Sneller cluster. There's no need to translate or rewrite your dashboards and queries.

You can now consider migrating to other dashboards (e.g. Grafana, Superset, Tableau, Looker) that are SQL compatible, via a JDBC driver.

Ready to speedup and simplify your event data analytics?

Sneller is also available as an open source project on GitHub.