Standard SQL

The Sneller engine supports standard SQL as well as PartiQL. PartiQL makes extracting and querying JSON simple. In addition Sneller was built to deal with schema drift and large numbers of fields.

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Sneller supports PartiQL which is a superset of standard SQL. This makes extracting fields from JSON trivial and makes queries simple.

SELECT COUNT FROM database where Employee_id = 3421 or Employee_id = "CA_SF_432"

Sneller easily handles schema drift where a field might change types.


   "message": "this is my message",

   "payload": {

        "just": true,

        "about": 1234,

        "anything": {},

        "goes": 2.3,

        "in": [],

        "here": "no problem"



No mapping explosions. Sneller can handle very large numbers of JSON fields.

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Sneller is also available as an open source project on GitHub.