Sneller’s Serverless Query Solution

Sneller eliminates all the sizing, management, scaling and data protection overhead that come with dedicated clusters. That means it is much faster to get started. After you start all operational overhead related to cluster management is eliminated. Our serverless solution dynamically scales with your workload and still provides ultra fast queries.

Blog: Sneller & Elastic Benchmark Results

Check out the results of our head-to-head benchmark with Elastic for semi-structured event data analytics workloads. (Spoiler alert: we won)

With older technology, administrators have to size, manage and protect clusters for ingest, queries and total data volume. Clusters are also sized for peak workloads and future growth which leads to significant idle capacity. And you pay for your cluster 24x7 regardless of instantaneous usage.

With Sneller, resources are dynamically allocated on demand. It's much simpler and lower cost.

Completely transparent and dynamic scaling up or down of resources to handle growth and spikes in traffic.

Sneller achieves this without any latency penalty by leveraging efficient queries, data transfers, compression and caching techniques.

No customer data is retained by Sneller. Our serverless clusters do not utilize any local storage. All data stays within the customer’s S3 buckets and is directly accessible to other tools besides Sneller.

Ready to speedup and simplify your event data analytics?

Sneller is also available as an open source project on GitHub.