Sneller SPRINT Query Engine

SQL has been resistant to efficient SIMD acceleration. Sneller SPRINT changes that. AVX-512 vector units have been shipping in Intel processors since 2018. Our engine directly and efficiently converts SQL statements to native AVX-512 assembly. You can now query terabytes of JSON directly, including nested fields, at interactive speeds without requiring specialized acceleration hardware.

Sneller has built a direct SQL to AVX-512 compiler. AVX-512 units provide 16x the number of execution cores compared to standard query processing.

Powerful AVX-512 instructions such as per lane predication, gather load and scatter store enable efficient execution of SQL statements.

Sneller's AVX-512 routines are very efficient at parsing and filtering JSON data at high throughput rates.

Sneller operates scalable, distributed in-mem compute engines. Data is appropriately distributed within the clusters and cached based on query frequency.

Sneller's AVX-512 code can accelerate SQL statements by > 10x, but to speed up entire queries we eliminate all bottlenecks using vector acceleration from start to end.

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