Much Lower Cost Than Elasticsearch

With dedicated clusters you pay 24x7. Cluster sizing includes resources for heavy indexing on ingest and active storage. Clusters are overprovisioned for peak usage and future growth. With Sneller, resources are provisioned on the fly based on query volume. No need to size for ingest, active storage, peak traffic or future growth. While cost benchmarking is very workload and retention dependent, our internal testing has shown a range of 4x-10x cost advantage over the competition.

Blog: Sneller & Elastic Benchmark Results

Check out the results of our head-to-head benchmark with Elastic for semi-structured event data analytics workloads. (Spoiler alert: we won)

Sneller eliminates all heavy duty index creation on ingest. No need to provision expensive processing capacity based on ingest volume.

Store all you want. Sneller does not charge based on volume of data. Automatically transfer to Glacier storage based on policy.

Queries are accelerated due to our SQL to AVX-512 engine. They run much faster which means fewer CPU cycles to pay for.

Sneller pricing is based on data scanned at query time. With cluster based solutions you pay 24x7 for all the processing and capacity regardless of actual use.

Sneller provides a real time dashboard of cost, query volumes and trends.

Sneller flags expensive queries for potential optimization

Ready to speedup and simplify your event data analytics?

Sneller is also available as an open source project on GitHub.