Ingest and analyze event data without the cost and complexity of Elastic and OpenSearch.

Sneller is the modern Serverless alternative to Elastic, OpenSearch, and SQL data lakes for semi-structured event data. When you drop Sneller in, the complexity and cost of ingesting, storing, and analyzing event data drop out.
Sneller is also available as an open source project on GitHub.

Simplify and speedup
your entire event data pipeline

From ingest to analytical insight, Sneller simplifies event data infrastructure, operations, and analysis through a modern cloud-native architecture and a uniquely fast and efficient query engine.


  • No need to transform or reshape JSON
  • No indexing needed
  • No data tiering required
  • Supports LogStash and similar tools
  • Built-in redundancy



  • 100% Serverless
  • Schema-on-read
  • Hyper-parallelized query execution for hyper-fast response times


  • Kibana Dashboards
  • Grafana Dashboards
  • Standard SQL
  • Easily swap Sneller in to power your Kibana dashboards with our Elastic proxy

How Sneller saves you money


When you switch to Sneller, you’ll start saving money immediately in your software and infrastructure bills but also in hours-saved managing your end-to-end, semi-structured event data pipelines. In fact, our customers report saving 50-90% on just software and infrastructure alone when switching from Elastic or OpenSearch to Sneller.

Sneller’s cost savings are a direct result of our modern architecture’s ability to perform at scale without relying on high-overhead software and infrastructure implementations that, in parallel, increase operational complexity and overhead. 

Sneller doesn’t charge for ingest or storage but rather on the volume of data queried in a given period. Keep your event data in your object storage as long as you want, Sneller won’t charge you a penny. Unless you query it of course, but even if the data is really, really old - your query will still be really, really fast.

How Sneller simplifies managing event data

Managing high-velocity, large-scale event data with Sneller is simple because there’s not much to manage. Sneller’s query engine is 100% Serverless, doesn’t use indexes, doesn’t require data transformation, and queries (at blazing speed) event data directly in your cloud object storage.

With Sneller, you DON'T need to manage:










But does Sneller perform and scale?

YES, that’s what we’re all about. Sneller’s query engine leverages AVX-512 CPU technology to hyper-parallelize query execution delivering faster response times with less operational complexity and cost.

But is Sneller simple to use?

Querying and analyzing your data is easy too with support for Elastic Query DSL, Kibana, Grafana, AND standard SQL. Migrating existing analytics and dashboards is seamless with zero changes to your queries and dashboards and minimal changes to simplify ingest  Whether you’re migrating existing analytics or starting fresh, using Sneller is as easy as it gets.

YES, that’s also what we are all about! You don’t need complex ETL/ELT logic, simply ingest your semi-structured event data as JSON documents directly into your cloud object storage.

Ready to speedup and simplify your event data analytics?

Sneller is also available as an open source project on GitHub.